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Android GPS DVD Sat Nav Bluetooth Navigation For Holden Commodore VE Series 1 2006-2010 

General Features
  • OEM Genuine Styling and Plug and Play Cables – Ensure you advise your vehicle at checkout!
  • Premium Quality Navigation, Bluetooth and Multimedia System
  • Super Fast DDR III 1,000MB (1GHz) RAM Processor for quick operation of all functions
  • 1,600MHz to 1,800MHz (1.6 to 1.8GHz) A9 Masten Processor for quick route selection and re-routing
  • Upgraded Bluetooth® Phone and Music Streaming with Bluetooth Phone Book Sync Downloading and support for all Bluetooth® devices 
  • On-Board Android Operating System and all the benefits that come with it including access to the world's largest App Market
  • Vehicle-Class Android Operating System means, we haven't added in the latest Android. We have added in a version that has been proven stable and re-engineered to give you the most stable Android solution on the market
  • High Resolution 1024 x 600 Pixel Upgraded Masten Display Panel
  • Miracast & Airplay WIFI Display allows you to display your SmartPhone Apps on the Roadmaster system
  • Built-in 16GB Flash Hard Drive for App, Data, Photo and Media File Storage
  • In-Built High Speed WIFI
  • Internet Explorer for surfing the internet
  • Built-in Steering Wheel Button Interface allows you to use your existing buttons to control various functions of the Roadmaster Series System
  • Upgraded CD/DVD Loader with Super electronic anti-shock / vibration system (3 sec DVD, 10 seconds CD / VCD 
  • and 90 seconds MP3) – Exclusive 
  • Upgraded Capacitive Touch Screen with Gesture Control
  • Sleep Mode – Quick Start if the car is only turned off for up to 10 minuigtes
  • Masten-Engineered 3D Stereophone Sound Processor

Fit Model
This device is suitable for the following vehicle models.
Model                                         Series                                                Year Models
Holden Commodore / Pontiac G8 VE Series 1 - Single Zone HVAC Only 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010

If your model is not featured please contact us as we will likely have a suitable solution or this information is not up to date.

Please Note: This product is only suitable if your car has a single zone air conditioner. If the temperature can be adjusted seperately between driver and passenger this item is not suitable UNLESS you replace your AC with a single zone component. We do not have these available but they can be purchased elsewhere and you can use this item. Please double check your cars system. Dual zone generally applies to higher end models including the Calais, Caprice and SS Models.

Instructions for changing the Air Con part here:

To get the small LCD above the radio working you will need to see an Auto Electrician and get them to turn it on with a "tech2". it's a around a 2 minute job for them.

Please read: The rear camera MUST be powered from the 12V output on the radio. NOT your reverse lights. If you find that the system is not powering on in the ACC position (only with engine running), cut the red wire between the CAN BUS and the stereo and connect the red wire going into the radio to a 12V+ ACC output such as the cigarette socket. 

Important: Please make sure touch screen is working and feed the wires COMPLETELY through, do NOT try to force the screen clips in - a cracked screen is NOT covered under warranty.Please ensure main box has been completely powered off for at least 10 minutes when first connecting the monitor .

Having problems with AM Radio?
- Please check that the base amp of the antenna is powered correctly. 
- Please check that there is no water in the base (sometimes goes in due to carwash, some people take off their antenna in an auto wash to not damage the antenna also and water goes in) when checking for water you must take the factory amp out completely and check underneath it. 
- Try purchasing one of our SC-B02 AM FM Radio Antenna Amplifiers- it will help with reception.

Please note: If you have, and wish to maintain your Genuine Fitted Camera, Bluetooth Microphone, Console USB/AUX input or Roof Mount Monitor some rework may be required. If your vehicle does not appear please check our store or Contact us.

  • Premium Roadmaster 
  • Series Multimedia Navigation System
  • Plug and Play Cables (CAN BUS Decoder if required)
  • Remote Control
  • Audio / Video RCA Cables
  • Pre-Loaded Street, Off Road Navigation and other important Apps
  • GPS antenna
  • Camera Input Cable
  • USB Cable (for iPod/iPhone, Thumb Drive and so on)
  • Masten Premium External Bluetooth® Microphone
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual

Off-Line Navigation Features
  • Free Country-wide Street Navigation Map Updates
  • Over 500 Aus-wide Topographical (Toppo Topo) Off-Road Maps 
  • The latest Street Navigation with Voice Guidance, Speed Cameras, Points of Interest and more
  • Off Road Navigation Demo and Proprietary Switch Screen
  • Memory Map and Hema Ready
Inputs/Output Connections
  • Steering Wheel Input
  • 4 Channel x 45W Speaker Outputs
  • 4 Amplifier Audio Pre-outs
  • Audio/Video Outputs
  • 1 AUX Audio/Video Input
  • Car Rear View Camera Video Input
  • DVR Dash Cam Driver Recorder Connection - HD Recorder Available

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