CarPlayer / Android Auto Box USB Adapter Compatible with F SERIES Stereo

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CarPlayer / Android Auto Box USB Adapter Compatible with F Series Stereo

Item Description

F CarPlayer Ready!

  • The CarPlayer & Andriod Auto can upgrade our navigation functions. It can be used for your Apple or Android latest smart phone.

  • Using your phones original USB lead, just plug-in to share your phones features with the CarPlayer.

  • It even charges your phones whilst driving.

  • The CarPlayer integrates your iPhone into the driving experience in a new, steamless interface, putting iPhone content at the driver's fingertips with minimal distraction. That means easy access to your music library, your phone, messages, navigation, and many third party streaming music apps, too.

  • If you're an Android fan, you'll love how Android Auto integrates the Android platform into your driving experience in a non-distracting way. You'll access to Google Maps, weather, music and your phone.

Please note this is a demonstration video showing the unit's features.

For Carplayer,

For Android Auto,

User interface might vary according to model purchased.

Fit Model

F Series Stereo

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